Insidify HR Suite

End-to-End Human Capital Management Solution.

Recruit, Onboard, Manage and Develop your Human Capital
with One Central Solution

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Complete HR Management

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Everything You Need To Hire
In One Place

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Intuitive Learning Management System & Training Courses

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Centrally manage staff information, tax & payroll, benefits, leaves, requisitions, performance appraisals, and time & attendance. Manage Your HR Functions with the help of a reliable system.

Complete HR Management System That Keeps Both HR and Staff Happy

Eliminate time and effort spent handling monotonous tasks. Focus on your true calling - actual people management.

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Broadcast jobs, receive applications, track applicants, manage interviews, conduct tests, hire and onboard recruits faster with one awesome software.
Move applicants through a visual pipeline.

All-in-One E-Recruitment Software with an ATS That Works Better Than Magic

Take all the pain away from your recruitment process with an advanced ATS that always knows what's next.

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Enroll, train, assess, and track employees with a complete Learning Management System.
Stay on top of your learning and development initiatives using world-class technology.

Intuitive Learning Management System & Training Courses from World-Class Facilitators

Deliver, track and manage an effective e-learning experience to your employees at a tiny fraction of what you currently spend.

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  • Infrasture Bank Plc

  • VLA

  • L'Oreal

  • McVities

  • Philips

  • FMCL

  • Colgate-Palmolive

  • Scanfrost

  • Ignis

Improve Employee Productivity. Save Company Costs. Grow Faster.